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Cornwall is without doubt one of the most impressive counties in the United Kingdom; from the dramatic coastline to the beautiful in-land waterways.  Kayaking in Cornwall is the ultimate way to discover the remote beauty this county has to offer.  
Whether it is the dramatic cliffs and coves on the North Coast or the stately oak forests on Frenchman’s Creek the scenery is unforgettable. Kayaking is a great way of seeing the best of Cornwall while keeping fit.
Sit on Top Kayaks have exploded onto scene in the last few years. Offering a great option to get on the water whether it’s the sea, river or lake. This type of kayak is very accessible as you are not trapped in the boat and if you do fall out its just a simple case of pulling yourself back in. There are now so many different variety’s of these boats now on the market including one, two or three person variations as well as more specialised kayaks designed for fishing, touring and wave riding.
All Ocean Kayak are made out of Rotomolded High Density Polyethylene. The term Rotomolded refers to the method of how the kayaks are made in a mould that spins in a very hot oven ensuring that all areas of the kayak have an equal level of plastic distributed and there is no weak spots. This type of plastic that is used is exceptionally strong, resilient to damage and offers a great strength to weight ratio. The use of this plastic means that these kayaks are almost indestructible and can handle many years if not decades of being pulling up and down the beach and taking knocks and bump that can be expected over time leaving only minor cosmetic scratching. However another bonus is that HDPE (High-Density Polyethylene) can be repaired easily if you manage to more seriously damage your boat.

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